Mazon - Composite Sticks

Mazon - Composite Sticks Image
Back in 1990, Mazon’s first product design was the Black Magic hockey stick.

The challenge was to create the world’s best hockey stick – a stick that had to be affordable, and at the same time offered the unobtainable holy grail of hockey – high performance and guaranteed reliability.

Mazon’s innovation and design department studied the aims and objectives of high performance and reliability stringently, as each is totally different. Higher performance than that available at the time could be gained reasonably easily, but combining it with reliability was the issue. Therefore it was a two-stage process and the design team worked on performance enhancement, while the development team tried to break everything the design team put forward!

It was a combination of hard work and persistence. It would take two years to satisfy design performance and development reliability. It would then take another year of ‘on field’ testing with as many as fifty different prototypes.

Success came from a combination of existing technologies plus information available from other sporting codes including tennis. This was added to the current pool of data intelligence gained from Mazon’s internal development teams. The forces involved for the design of an exceptional hockey stick were further complicated by the asymmetrical hook design of the stick itself. This is where the combination crook and handle for thrust and impact, as well as the constant battering from other sticks.

The final solution was the combination of ash and Kevlar that offered power with reliability and market leading shock absorption and feel. One season later saw the first commercially released Black Magic hockey sticks and the launch of Mazon as a performance stick manufacturer.

But it didn’t stop there. R & D never stops at Mazon. Today our design department is still broken into design and development teams. Design work on performance and development for increased performance goes on to offer improved hitting power matched with Mazon’s superior reliability.